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We Believe in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We Believe in Freedom of Speech.

➤ Freedom of speech is the right to voice your opinion or idea without fear of retaliation.

➤ Film, TV & Media production service providers cannot pay us to guarantee favorable ratings of their services.

➤ ProductionBest has zero tolerance for unacceptable business practices.

➤ We collect and analyze ratings, opinions, feedback — including complaints we received — and measure performance.

➤ We monitor and analyze Film, TV & Media production service providers, make on-site visits and more.

➤ We monitor and analyze casting agencies & casting directors — and background / extras casting agencies & casting directors — hiring / booking practices continuously to ensure fairness.

➤ Casting agencies & casting directors cannot charge upfront fees to actors in exchange for the promise of securing employment. Legitimate casting agencies & casting directors never ask for money. Report these so-called casting service providers here.

➤ Casting workshops — online and offline — that charge actors a fee to be seen by casting directors are a scam. Report these money-hungry scammers here.

See featured article: Casting Director Workshops Scam

➤ Casting agencies / casting directors & crew members cannot blacklist & retaliate against defenseless background actors / extras.

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➤ Harassment of any kind has no place.

➤ Dear crew members, you have no business making decisions on talent hiring or firing at any level.

➤ Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity. Everyone should feel valued for their hard work.

What are ProductionBest Star Ratings?

ProductionBest assigns ratings from 0 - Avoid (lowest) to 5 - Excellent (highest). We strongly DO NOT recommend service providers with lower than 3-star ratings.


How to Increase Star Ratings? When are ProductionBest Star Ratings Updated?

We receive a lot of complaints and feedback. If and when we see improvements, we will update your ratings. You can expect your ratings to be updated within 14 business days.

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