Casting Director Workshops Scam


How Scammers Make Thousands From Desperate Actors and Kids!

Actors and Parents! DO NOT Become the Victim of a Scam! They Only Want Your Money!

➤ Casting director — or just about anyone — workshop scams are netting millions of dollars. These workshops — online and offline — are huge money-making schemes. Unfortunately, scams are very common in the acting industry.

➤ This business is full of people trying to take advantage of actors. Unfortunately, casting directors are the gatekeepers. So they take advantage of the system. They want to make fast and easy money — extra income. They make a very good living by selling their workshops.

Here Are Some Examples — Online and Offline

💲 Casting Workshops

💲 Commercial Workshops

💲 Voice-Over Workshops

💲 Film & TV Acting

💲 Business of Acting

💲 Audition Prep

💲 Resume Advice

💲 Headshot Review

💲 Casting Profile Review

💲 Marketing

💲 Networking

Unethical Business Practices

➤ Vulnerable and desperate background actors / extras, wannabe actors, and kids are prime targets for scammers. We receive a lot of complaints from actors and parents. Most SAG-AFTRA and nonunion actors don’t even make a living wage — they can't even afford to buy food. Background actors / extras are going to try to do anything to get a job. These heartless and selfish scammers know that and will take advantage of them. It's very sad and disgusting.

➤ We fully support real acting classes by real acting teachers. 

➤ We fully support real, legitimate, and honest casting agencies & casting directors.

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