How to Get Discovered as an Actor

Acting is your passion and your dream. Whether you want to star in movies, TV shows, or Broadway, you want to be successful. You want those leading roles! You can’t pass magazine racks without seeing articles on how being discovered led to an actor’s fame. It happened to them. Why not you?

Sometimes luck seems involved like being at the right place at the right time! However, there are specific actions you can do today to increase your chances of being discovered.

Live Where People Get Discovered

Your odds of being discovered will increase if you live and work where industry professionals are. In the United States, that means living in Los Angeles or New York. You’ll have more opportunities to attend workshops by respected casting directors, make contacts at popular casting agencies, and participate in casting calls on big-name movies and TV shows.

Also, who knows, that quick trip to the store may wind up with you meeting someone important in the industry.

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Put in the Work

While stories of being discovered sound like lucky random acts, on closer inspection, you see the person has put in the work. They have been actively working hard and doing the things needed to make a career happen. You have to do the work.

Yes, sometimes random chance happens, but even after being magically discovered, the person had to have the talent and experience to make the most of the opportunity.

So be that hard-working actor who applies consistently to jobs, attends workshops, engages with industry experts on social media, and keeps their own social media platforms up-to-date.

Most importantly, be professional. Develop a reputation as someone reliable and consistent who can deliver a quality performance every time.

Be known for someone who is easy to work with and takes direction well. Word of mouth can help or hinder a career.

You want casting directors, directors, and others mentioning your name and thinking of you positively when opportunities arise.

Apply to Casting Agencies

It’s essential to be working as much as possible, so don’t forget to apply consistently to casting agencies. They can often be a gatekeeper to finding jobs. Plus, the more you work, the more notice casting agencies and casting directors will take. It shows you’re serious about your career.

As they take notice, who knows, work may start heading your way.

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Be Prepared

If you’re hoping to be discovered while eating at a restaurant, then you’ll need to look the part to catch a director’s eye. When you head out, make sure you look put together. You don’t need to dress formally, but look stylish. Have a smile on your face when in public and keep your head up.

Looking down at your phone or the ground may cause you to miss catching the attention of that industry professional you just passed!

Focus on Your Mindset

We’d all love to be the lucky person discovered. It seems so glamorous and like a Hollywood story. But don’t let the wish overshadow what you can do. When something seems random or like magic, we risk thinking that event is out of our control. We can start to feel as if we’re helpless to do anything to make it happen.

Being randomly discovered isn’t necessary to have a successful career. You need to work hard, be patient, be professional, and never give up. Keep trying even when it seems like nothing is going your way. With persistence, you can achieve your dream of being a successful actor.

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