Modeling Tips for Beginners

The modeling industry is aesthetically-driven; hence your appearance matters a lot. Looking good and healthy will benefit your career as an aspiring model. Your appearance is part of your brand and hence, should be taken seriously, be it professionally or personally.

So, take care of your skin, hair, body, and health. You could adhere to thorough beauty routines such as:

  • Drink water throughout so you stay hydrated and your skin supple
  • Avoid junks and maintain a strict diet plan
  • Avoid cigarettes and keep alcohol at a minimum
  • Exfoliate and moisturizing face every morning and evening
  • No make-up in bed
  • Regular manicures and hair appointments
  • Taking a multivitamin
  • Working out 4-5 days per week

Your mental health is also paramount to your success as a model. Have a healthy lifestyle always, not just when a job is coming up or when you are getting ready for an interview, and don't forget to breathe.

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Be Safe

The modeling industry is an overwhelming field, and anyone can easily fall prey to dangers because there are many other scams out there. Beware of scams in the form of phony modeling schools, which says you have to pay a couple of dollars to attend. You should also know and avoid fake “modeling contests”, crooked "modeling agents" or "casting directors" or "photographers” and “casting calls” that promise thousands of dollars in compensation and a photo-shoot in an unknown or distant location.

As a beginner, you're highly vulnerable, so don't lose guard; have it up and stay safe. Have a sound support system in place. It should include family and close friends you'd constantly inform about your whereabouts and what is happening in your career. They'd raise the alarm if anything sounds fishy or unusual. So, could you stay safe and have them around?

Have Your Back

It's going to be tough out there. Never let your pride down no matter what. Irrespective of whatever happens, you are still an important and valuable person with feelings, thoughts, and opinions like the next model. Constantly look out for yourself (but don't be selfish), hold firmly to your values, especially if you aren't comfortable with a job booked by your agency.

Speak up, voice your opinion and make it known from the start about something you aren't cool with; if anything ever crosses the line; don't be mum until it's late to do nothing; stick unwaveringly to your values. Know when to put your foot down, and always have your own back because if you don't, no one else will.

Build a Good Relationship With Your Agency

A strong relationship with your agency is also key to your success. The agency has extensive link connections and a network circle, but you can only utilize it to your advantage by creating a good working relationship.

Build a Good Client Base

We talked about networking earlier, put efforts into connecting with people, and building strong relationships with them too. Go to events and functions with your Z-cards and hand them out to the connections you have made so they can quickly contact you if they wish to make contact, so invest in z-cards and advertise yourself at any event.

***Z-cards are business cards for models. It should have your photographs, statistics, and contacts. You should know that any relationship you build can get ruined if they don't trust you anymore. Thus, if you make a promise, ensure that you keep it. Build a reputation of trust around your brand.

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Work Through the Right Channels

After networking, please keep a record of your new contacts so you can contact them at a later date. Do not be afraid to reach out to any leads that you connected with at the event. Be sure to contact them via appropriate platforms; email and phone are typically the best ways to approach industry professionals. Don't send multiple emails, i.e., discontinue after sending three times; keep the email follow-up slightly and include information on how they can stay in touch with you.

Don't harass them through social media as it looks unprofessional and annoying. Let your social media activity be about uploading content to market yourself, not to disturb others.


Practice everything; your catwalk, angle and pose in the mirror, how you interview, etc. You should pay particular attention and time to what you're not as good at so you can improve in these areas. Practice will enable you to become better and more comfortable with everything.

Stand Out in Model Casting Calls/Go-Sees

Casting calls are where a prospective client will review your look and possibly take photos. Because there are often many talented models at castings, you must prepare ahead. Research the client, go with a well-structured portfolio, make sure that you are well presented, stand out by being yourself and let your personality shine.

For outfits, wear comfortable outfits that show off your figure and make-up that keep your face natural with your nails, well-polished. Keep a positive and enjoyable attitude; it would go a long way in helping you get booked.

Develop Other Skills

The industry is incredibly lucrative when you put in the drive, effort, and determination to succeed, but it will only last as long as you keep having the same vibe and looks as when you started. But this is impossible; as time progresses, there would be a diminishing effect. Therefore, it is advisable always to have a backup career. If you're still studying, don't drop out yet; finish up and get a certificate. Sometimes, work can be very irregular; you might end up not finding a job for weeks or getting low pay.

You should have a side gig that can pay your bills until you make it in the industry. You could develop skills that build on your modeling experience; maybe host or promote events or help train other aspiring models or create and monetize a blog about your modeling experiences or work as part-time employees.

These "survival" jobs will help pay out your rent, cab fares to auditions, hair care costs, your feeding, among others.

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Garner Useful Skills

Your journey through the modeling industry if you can develop some practical skills. These skills include active listening, excellent verbal communication skills, and concentration skills. Time and work organization, flexibility and change, patience, and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.


In this industry, self-confidence and self-assurance are critical, while shy and timid characters are what you should discard. Typically, you'd feel nervous at your first fashion show or photo shoot, but these feelings should not overwhelm you. If you don't feel confident, you've got to fake it! Everyone wants to see a confident person and take you seriously if you are optimistic since you'd look like you know what you're doing.

It's your first time so don't worry about it. Over time, each ad campaign secured by your modeling agency will add to your experience, making you feel confident and established naturally; it will allow you to understand the industry much better.

Best of luck on your modeling journey!

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