How to Market Yourself as a Model

Models need to take active steps to market themselves. Looking for modeling gigs and agencies is important. But, if you want a long-term career in this field you need to be able to promote your skills and looks.

In this post, we’ll talk about the best ways you can market yourself as a model. Both online and in-person methods will be discussed here. So stay tuned for all the best information!

Top Ways to Market Yourself as a Model:

1. Create a Social Media Account

The easiest way you can market yourself as a model is through social media. Online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are powerful tools. With these websites, you can promote yourself widely and rapidly. 

Personally, we recommend making an Instagram page. Instagram is perfectly tailored to models. It is image-based and easy to navigate. With a click of a button and the right hashtags, you can upload perfect modeling photos.

These photos can be seen by modeling agencies, companies, and casting directors. Whatever modeling route you decide to go, Instagram and other social media platforms will help you sell your look and style. If you are in freelance modeling, this is an especially important marketing tool!

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2. Get Quality Photos Taken

Once you have your social media account created, you can begin taking photos. Not all of your photos need to be professionally shot. In fact, having some selfies and personal pictures can add a nice human touch to your profile.

Still, you want to think about getting some professional shots done. Quality photos are the best way to sell yourself as a model. If other professionals and businesses see quality work on your social media pages, they might be more inclined to hire you for a project. 

Think of this as a sample of your talents and skills. You want to let people know what you are capable of. And, posting flattering headshots and body shots could be the opening you need. Really, your social media posts are an extension of your model career. So, only post your most attractive and best-looking photos to promote yourself.

3. Create a Professional Website

If you want to take your online marketing one step further, try creating your own website. A professional modeling website can act as a digital modeling portfolio. You can showcase all your best looks, and really get yourself out there. If you are into freelance modeling or Instagram modeling, a website can be especially important for marketing.

Companies will appreciate a professional and easy to navigate website. This way they can get a feel for your modeling experience and visuals. We recommend linking your website to your social media accounts for the best results.

4. Collaborate With Other Influencers

Collaboration is a crucial part of modeling, especially if you are getting into online modeling. Larger Instagram models and other online influencers have the power to promote your modeling abilities. If you are trying to grow your online base, you can gain even more followers with the help of a popular influencer.

Even if you are not looking to be an online model in the long term, collaboration with influencers can be helpful. Many people get discovered through social media. If you have more followers, you are more likely to be discovered by agents and modeling companies. Really, it is a win-win situation.

You can get some exposure online and you can expand your modeling career even further. Still, you want to be respectful towards anyone you try to collaborate with. Message them privately and see if they have the time to help you.

Don’t be overly demanding. And, if you are messaging a well-known photographer or model, see if you can help them out with their own modeling projects. This could lead to further collaborations down the line.

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5. Show Up on Time With a Professional Attitude

Not all marketing happens online. In fact, you can market yourself as a model effectively during a modeling gig. If you show up on time to a job, nail your poses, and have a professional attitude, this will help you land future jobs. This kind of professionalism will also help establish you in the modeling industry. 

So, how you act around other industry professionals is important. Your attitude and skills will help market you as a model and will even get you more modeling gigs. You can only make a good impression on others when you take your job seriously and stay professional, though!

6. Be Able to Connect With People

It’s unfortunate, but people who are extroverted and able to talk well will just get more jobs and opportunities. Modeling is about more than looks. You have to be charismatic and confident. When you connect with people at events or during a job, you open the doors for yourself and have the chance to market your modeling skills and look.

So, do not be afraid to chat up people in the industry. This will only bolster your chances of becoming a top model! And look for chances to go to fashion shows and other modeling events. This way you can forge even more connections!

7. Get the Basics Down

Finally, the last way you can promote yourself is by mastering the basics of modeling. When you know how to pose and work with a camera, there is no better way to market yourself as a model. This seems obvious, but many new models assume that they can just walk into a casting call and get hired. Really, there is more to modeling than looks.

Plenty of people look beautiful, but it is the combination of skill and beauty that makes you stand out in the modeling world. Of course, you want to look good. However, you also want to be able to pose for a camera properly. If you can’t exude confidence, you will have a hard time convincing people that they should choose you as their model.

So, work on your basic modeling poses and get comfortable around a camera!

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