How to Get Your Car in Film and TV Productions

Unless you’re watching a movie or TV show that focuses on a vehicle, you likely have never paid much attention to the number of cars and trucks used on set. Next time you watch a show, take a moment to look at that city street scene or parking lot. It’s often filled with a variety of vehicles. It makes the scene feel authentic even if the audience isn’t focused on the cars. But how do movie and TV production companies get all those vehicles?

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Where Do Studios Get Vehicles

Movie and TV productions rent cars and other vehicles from car brokers, car manufacturers, or directly from car owners. Some production companies prefer to work with car brokers or car manufacturers as car owners can understandably be more concerned about their car’s safety on set.

How Do I Get My Vehicles in Movies and TV Shows

The easiest way to get your vehicle on-screen is to work with a reputable car broker. A car broker will know which production companies are legitimate. Additionally, a car broker will have a variety of connections in the industry and will be able to find your car more work than if you were doing it on your own.

You can get your vehicle in productions without a broker, but you’ll need to do more legwork. If you have a classic car, attending car shows can be one way to get your vehicle noticed. You can also contact production companies directly. However, be sure it is a legitimate company. While most brokers and production companies are trustworthy, unfortunately, some are not. To protect yourself and your car, do your research. The broker or company should be able to provide references and have a solid reputation.

Best Websites / Companies to List / Rent Your Vehicle

Lastly, be sure to have a contract. If you have a car broker, they will handle it. The contract should clearly state how your car will be used, what they will pay, and confirm that the production company has liability insurance. Additionally, some car owners prefer to be the one to drive the car on set if it will be in motion. Talk to your broker, if that is something you are interested in doing.

Will I Get Rich From Having My Cars in Productions

Having your vehicle in movies and TV shows is not a get rich quick scheme. So don’t quit your day job yet! It can be a decent side hustle, especially if your vehicle ends up in a long-running TV show. Typically, you will be paid for each day your vehicle is on set. How much you receive depends on the type of vehicle you have. If you have a more everyday car, you may get $250 to $500 for each day. A rare or classic vehicle will be paid more. That said, you’re still responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your car.

What are the Benefits of Renting My Cars to Productions

Most people who rent their cars to production studios do it for the thrill of seeing their car in a movie or TV show. If you accompany your car on set, you also will get the opportunity to meet and talk with a variety of people which can be fun.

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Best Websites / Companies to List / Rent Your Vehicle