How to Find the Best Acting School

You’re passionate about becoming an actor and want to pursue a serious career as an actor. To become an actor, you know you need to study the craft, but do you need to go to an acting school or take classes? If you go to acting school, how do you pick the best one for you, when there are so many schools claiming to be the best?

What Do You Learn at an Acting School

Acting schools provide you with a variety of acting, voice, and movement classes. In the course of your studies, you may even learn how to master different accents. You’ll have the opportunity to study your craft intensively. You’ll get constructive feedback about your skills from experts, and have the chance to perform in a variety of plays and roles. You’ll learn that even as a professional, you’ll always need to keep training throughout your career.

What is the Difference Between Taking an Acting Class and Going to an Acting School

Schools are typically four-year programs, although some offer two-year studies. When you complete the program, you’ll have a degree. Acting classes are stand-alone courses. Many classes are taught by actors, acting coaches, or casting directors. You’ll often learn a specific skill or technique, depending on the focus of the class. For example, you may learn how to audition or how to show emotion on screen. Acting classes can help you build a foundation in acting. But why choose one versus the other? Ultimately, the answer is up to you and your situation. Acting schools are competitive and expensive. It may not be possible to pay for a four-year program. Fortunately, a degree isn’t required to become an actor.

If you decide to take classes on the side instead of going to a school, you’ll need to stay on top of knowing what skills or techniques you need to learn. By attending a school, you know you’ll get all the training you need.

How Do You Find the Right Acting School for You:

1. Know What You Want Out of Acting School

Is Broadway your dream? Do you want to star in blockbuster films one day? Not every school is right for everyone. You’ll want to make sure the school you choose also fits you.

2. Start Researching Acting Schools

Be sure to read through their online material. Find out who are recent alumni. Do they perform in the types of jobs you ultimately want? Research the faculty members and make sure the philosophy of the program fits you. Also, find out if they’re accredited. For example, theater schools can be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theater. Schools that are accredited had to meet specific standards and criteria, which can assure you that they offer quality courses.

3. Ask Industry Professionals Their Views of the Program

As you develop an idea of schools you’re interested in, talk with industry professionals you know. Ask them their views on the programs you’re researching and whether they know anyone who has gone there. If you’re currently in high school, see if the acting school has a summer intensive for high school students. While sometimes expensive, this option can be a great way to learn about a school while gaining experience.

4. Try to Visit the Campus

Once you have your list of schools, visit their campus if possible. See what the program and the campus are like in person. Make sure it’s a place you can see yourself for four years. When you know where you want to apply, follow each program’s application requirements exactly. Be aware that many acting schools require an in-person audition or taped auditions. By knowing what you want from a school and researching programs thoroughly, you can find the right program for you.