How to Find Modeling Work Without an Agent

Most models won’t find an agent right away, especially when they are just starting out in the industry. What this means for you is that you will have to put in a lot of hard work. This way you can find modeling jobs on your own, and build up your portfolio. It will take some time for you to sign up with a modeling company or find a good agent. So you want to dip your feet in the modeling world while you wait for your big break.

In some cases, though, you might not have a modeling agency near you, or maybe you prefer to do freelance modeling work. Really, whatever the situation may be, here, we will talk about how you can find modeling jobs without an agent.

These tips will make your life easier and will help put a little extra money in your bank account. So keep reading!

Top Tips for Finding Modeling Work Without an Agent:

1. Create a Social Media Account and Take Photos

The first thing you want to do when you don’t have an agent is to create a social media page for yourself. Getting your pictures out there is the best way to market yourself for freelance modeling jobs. If you don’t have an online presence and don’t have pictures that reflect your style and look, you are limiting your job pool. So post pictures of yourself as soon as you can!

We recommend having an Instagram or Facebook account, as these two apps are especially popular for modeling gigs. In addition, make sure to take some quality photos of yourself. You don’t have to pay for headshots necessarily.

Good lighting, a natural look, and basic clothing can make for a great photo. However, if you see yourself doing freelance modeling in the long-term, having a few professional headshots can help advance your career for sure!

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2. Always Practice Self-Care

In order to market yourself, you need to look good. This is just a basic requirement for any type of modeling job. So make sure to bathe regularly, lotion up your skin, and take good care of your nails, hair, and general appearance. In truth, engaging in regular self-care practices is an important step for any would-be model.

Self-care will improve the look of your skin and boost your mental and physical health. It includes a number of activities. From eating well to working out to meditating and taking a calming bath.

3. Network With Companies and People

Sometimes, you will have to do work on your own to make connections with businesses and people in the modeling industry. When you don’t have an agent to do this for you, you have to learn how to create opportunities for yourself. Really, networking can be a great way to find jobs and boost your modeling career. Start by making business cards with your number, email, and social media pages.

If you live in a bigger city, look for places to hand out your cards. There might be modeling events or locations where models and casting directors hang around. Go to these events and places, and if you have your business cards pass them along to people that you think can help you get a job.

However, if there are not any events or industry professionals where you live, try and reach out to small businesses online through email or direct messages. There are plenty of start-up companies and new photographers looking for models to hire.

You might not need a lot of modeling experience either. The pay won’t be as high of course, but this is a chance for you to build up experience with modeling and make further connections!

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4. Have a Good Attitude

Since you don’t have an agent to smooth over job planning and help you prepare for shoots, you will have to handle communication on your own. Your best bet is to be available and easy to reach at all times. We recommend keeping your phone on you wherever you are. This way you can check for emails and calls for jobs. And, when you do get into contact with a potential client, always be cheerful and enthusiastic.

You do not have to overdo it and bounce off the wall with excitement. But you do want to let businesses and photographers know that you are grateful for the chance to work as a model! When you are on the job, be polite and courteous as well.

You do not want to snub the people you work with. Clients might call you back to work with them if you are easy to work with and have a good attitude. This means more modeling jobs for you and further opportunities down the line!

So be on time for your job, smile, and be as friendly as possible!

5. Do Not Be Afraid to Really Hustle

Finally, do not be afraid to work. Modeling is one of the most competitive careers out there. You won’t become a model by sitting back and waiting for an opportunity to land in your lap. Instead, you have to take your modeling career into your own hands! Go out to as many casting calls as you can find in your local city or town.

And if you don’t see opportunities in your area, make some of your own, or drive out of town. Again, social media and email should be used to your advantage to further your reach as a model and get you the jobs you want!

And, be ready to work at a moment’s notice. You could be contacted to work a freelance modeling gig without a lot of prior notice. So make sure you look good and are prepared to do a job at any time!

It might be hard to adjust to the hectic life of a model at first, especially without an agent. But if you don’t give up you can find jobs on your own!

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