How to Dress Like a Model

Models tend to look great no matter what they are doing. Even when they aren’t working, they always look stylish and chic in their clothes. But, how exactly do models pull off such effortless looks?

In this post, I will be introducing you to ten simple fashion tips. These tips will help you dress like a model. This way you look amazing during modeling gigs and while you walk around town on your days off!

How You Can Dress Like a Model in 10 Easy Steps:

1. Look at Other Models or Trends for Inspiration

You don’t want to copy the exact look of your favorite model. But, you can get inspiration from models that you look up to. I suggest making a Pinterest board or putting together a collection of photos on your phone. This way, you can analyze the latest trends and get ideas for your next outfit!

In addition, you can also go to public runways and fashion events. You will see the most recent clothing trends at these events. And, you can tweak your outfits to match current fashions.

2. Try Wearing Basic Outfits

Sometimes, all you need is a basic t-shirt and a pair of jeans to dress like a model. You want to add your own flare to make yourself look stylish, of course. But, a nice pair of shoes, some jeans, and a t-shirt with a trendy design can look very chic. Even a plain shirt will make you stand out!

Neutral colors are important, as well. Scouts and directors like to see models in more basic colored clothes. This helps create a blank canvas look and allows your features to stand out more to industry professionals.

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3. Add a Custom Jacket to Your Wardrobe

Not all your clothes need to be custom-tailored or fitted, but you should consider adding a fitted jacket to your wardrobe. Both men and women can benefit from having a quality jacket in their closet.

You can put this item over a t-shirt and wear it with a pair of jeans or dress pants. Women can also pair a denim skirt and a t-shirt with a fitted jacket. The resulting look is fresh and versatile!

4. Get Fitted Jeans or Pants

Again, you don’t have to see a tailor or get clothes from expensive boutiques. As a model, though, well-fitted pants and jeans will help accentuate your look. Models typically show off their shape and physique with form-fitting clothes. This helps you land more gigs and look more model-like.

However, if you are wearing frumpy or baggy jeans you won’t look as put together or as stylish. So, consider getting jeans that fit snugly over your body. Alternatively, you can get pants that are fitted perfectly to your legs.

5. Wear Comfortable But Stylish Shoes

Many female models like to wear high-heels to make themselves look tall and slim. But, you don’t have to wear heels as a female model. In fact, both men and women have plenty of options for footwear. And, you can increase your height while wearing all kinds of trendy shoes!

For instance, platform sneakers can be worn by male and female models. They make your legs look longer and compliment basic outfits. Flats, oxfords, and tennis shoes are other great options for models, as well. Finally, boots can really complete your look. Especially if you have a nice blazer or leather jacket on.

6. Find Accessories That Represent You

Accessories are a big part of your look. You want the right accessories to highlight your outfits and your fashion sense. Still, you should not go overboard with your accessories. Remember, that your face and body shape needs to stand out as a model.

Too many accessories can actually take away from your outfit and look. If you add the right accents to your clothes, though, you will look amazing. Some ideas for accessories include sunglasses, unisex bags, jewelry, and hats.

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7. Customize Your Style to Your Body Type

You want to know your body well before you establish and customize your style. Everyone has a unique body type. And, unfortunately, some clothes will look better on you in comparison to others. This is because every model has individual measurements and body shapes.

So, experiment with your fashion and try out different cuts, colors, and shapes. Some shirts and pants might look better on your body than others. But you won’t know unless you try on different types of clothes.

8. If in Doubt Wear Black Clothes

Black clothes are suitable for almost any body type. If you are not sure which colors to wear or what style to go with, try wearing a simple all-black outfit. A black t-shirt, some black skinny jeans, and some stylish shoes are all you need to look model ready.

This simple yet slimming clothing choice will help you dress like a model. And best of all, scouts and agencies can focus on your looks much more easily!

9. Do Not Be Afraid to Try New Styles

Models don’t always follow trends. In fact, many models are trendsetters! Keeping this in mind, I suggest experimenting with your look every now and then. Don’t be afraid to try out new outfits and styles. If you dress with confidence, you will naturally look like a model.

Of course, you want to make sure that your outfits match and are aesthetically pleasing. But, you can still make your own style trends and dress like a model on your own terms!

10. Look Confident in Your Clothes and Stand Up Straight

Finally, confidence is a must no matter what clothes you have on. Of course, wearing fashionable clothes can make you look stylish. Still, clothes alone are not enough to help you dress like a model. You need to have the right attitude and posture to really establish yourself in the modeling world.

So, stand up straight, walk with poise, and keep your head held up high. You can pull off any style or look if you wear the confidence of a model!