How to Break Into Modeling for Magazines

Modeling can take time and patience to break into, especially if you don’t have any connections. However, if becoming a magazine model is your dream, you can succeed with hard work and dedication.

What Type of Model are You

There are different types of modeling. Honestly evaluating what type or types of modeling best suits you will increase your chance at success. If you want to be in print magazines, you will need to choose between editorial and commercial modeling. Editorial models have specific physical requirements that they must meet as they often also work as runway models. Females typically need to be between 5’10” and 6’ tall with hips no larger than 35 inches. Male models need to be between 6’ to 6’3” with a waist no larger than 32 inches. Commercial models can be any size.

Catalogs and magazines using commercial models are looking for models who look more like real people. However, these models need to possess a gorgeous smile, glowing skin, and healthy hair.

That said, some models can work both as editorial and commercial models. Having crossover work may be possible during your career, especially once you’ve started to establish yourself.

How Do You Find Work

Breaking into any type of modeling is hard, so persistence and dedication are critical. To land work as a model, start with these strategies.

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Create a Lookbook

A modeling lookbook is a collection of photos highlighting your work. Ideally, you’ll want to include a variety of shots and looks including a close-up shot and pictures with and without make-up. When you’re starting, you can consider working with a new photographer and having photos taken on trade. The new photographer can use copies of the pictures to build their portfolio, and you can use them in your lookbook.

Build an Online Presence

Having an online presence is a must. At a minimum, you’ll need a website to showcase your portfolio. Make sure that your contact and booking information are easy to find.

Find the Right Modeling Agency for You

Many magazines and catalogs only consider submissions made through modeling agencies. Therefore, finding a modeling agency that is right for you is important. However, you must research all potential agencies to find the one that is the best fit for you and the type of work you want to do. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there. So do your research thoroughly to ensure the agency is legitimate. If you’re having trouble getting an agency, look for information on open call opportunities.

Open calls are set times when models can go in-person to show the agents their lookbook.

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Build a List of Booking Editors

If you’re still having trouble finding work, you can try to contact booking editors directly. This cold-call approach is harder, mainly since many publications only accept submissions from modeling agencies. Search magazines that are a good fit for you, and find the information on their booking editor. Email them directly, and include a couple of your best photographs that suit their magazine as well as the link to your website where they can view more photos.

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