How to Break Into Film and TV in Canada

When people think of working in films or TV, Hollywood, California instantly comes to mind. However, this trend is starting to change for many industry professionals. Canada is a popular location for producing films and TV shows. The production opportunities in this country continue to grow. This is excellent news for actors and film crews looking for new work opportunities.

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Why Canada is Becoming a Film and TV Production Location

Producing major motion pictures and TV series can be expensive. To help combat this cost, many production companies are co-producing films and TV series with production companies in other countries. Canada was an early adopter of this trend. Canada offers production incentives and co-production treaties, making it an attractive place for production companies from other countries. Additionally, many companies prefer to film in Canada because it’s more cost-effective than in the United States. Canada also has a variety of beautiful natural landscapes that can be perfect for a variety of film locations.

Top Canadian Cities for Film and TV Production

Film and TV production is a big business now in Canada. As a result, multiple production facilities have been built in Canada. It’s also becoming easier for production studios to rent commercial space from realtors than in the past. If you’re looking for acting jobs or work on a production crew, you’ll currently want to focus on Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal. These three cities are where you’ll find the bulk of opportunities in the film and TV industry.


Vancouver has an advantage since it’s within easy access to Los Angeles, California, making it a convenient location for U.S. based production companies. There are also many experienced production studios in Vancouver, which can help when looking for a production job. Given Vancouver advantages, you can have some reassurance that this area will continue to be a popular location for film and TV productions.


Toronto also has had its fair share of productions and continues to contribute to Canada’s film and TV industry. Toronto can be an inexpensive place to film. Additionally, Toronto can easily take on the look of an American town, which can be appealing when working on a script that technically takes place in the United States. There are also a variety of beautiful locations in the area for production companies to film. This can be important when you want to make sure your location feels fresh and new to viewers.


Montreal is a beautiful city that offers production companies a variety of locations that can suit any film or TV series’ needs. The city hosts both modern and historic buildings providing the potential for a wide range of location choices. This flexibility can allow filmmakers to make Montreal appear like either an American or a European city. Montreal is also home to several production companies, so it’s a great place to find work whether you’re an actor or a part of a production crew. Don’t overlook this city when looking for work.

How You Can Find Acting or Production Crew Work in Canada

Whether you are in Canada or another country, you have to network effectively. If your goal is to work in Canada, research which production companies are making films and TV shows regularly in Canada. Follow them on social media. Ask industry friends and connections whether they know of any opportunities at these companies or if they know someone who works there. Having a personal connection helps! If you’re able, attend some of the fun film festivals held in Canada like the Toronto International Film Festival. It can be an excellent way to get a better appreciation for the film industry in that city and provide networking opportunities. Don’t forget to check out small and independent film productions. These are popular in Canada. Yes, you might not get paid, but you will build your portfolio, your network, and your experience in Canada.

Like in any industry, work gets easier to find as you gain more experience and know more people. So keep current in your field. If you’re an actor, attend workshops, apply to casting calls, network, and try to get an agent. If you want a role on set, keep up to date on current technology and tools, whether you work behind the camera, with sound, or lighting. Seek out assistant roles on productions to start building your connections and gaining on set experience.

Remember, finding work in the film and TV industry takes time, patience, and determination regardless of the location. If you want to work in this industry, keep trying and don’t give up.

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