How to Become a Stock Photo Model

Stock photo modeling can be a great way to make some extra cash or build up your modeling portfolio. You won’t make a ton of money modeling in this field. But you can gain some great modeling experience working these types of gigs! If you are interested in stock photo modeling, we will detail the steps you need to take to become a stock photo model here. So, keep reading this post to find out the information you need!

Top Ways to Become a Stock Photo Model:

1. Research and Choose a Niche in Stock Photo Modeling

To become a stock photo model, we suggest doing some research beforehand. This will help you choose which type of stock photo modeling is best for you. Really, stock photo modeling is not one size fits all. In fact, there are many variations of stock-photo modeling to choose from. These shoots can get pretty specific! So, you want to know what you are getting yourself into. For instance, some stock models specialize in office scenes, hospital settings, family scenes, or scenes that look harmonious.

There are many more variations of course, but this is just a basic overview. Choosing a path in stock photo modeling will help you plan your career and look. This can help you land jobs more easily!

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2. Tailor Your Look to Your Niche

Once you have chosen your niche, it is time to adjust your look. Again, some stock photo shoots can get really specific and typically follow stereotypes. So, be prepared to tailor your look to your specific niche. For example, if you are asked to portray a businessman, style your hair to the scene, and wear the right clothes. If you are asked to be a doctor in a stock photo, go for a more professional look. Each job will be different, but you want to follow the directions of the photographer and director. This way you fully embody the character you will be playing in the shoot.

Overall, your looks and actions should suit the type of shoot you are a part of.

3. Take Care of Your Skin and Hair

In general, stock photo models need to look attractive. You don’t have to be runway gorgeous but your face should look good, and you should take care of your hair and skin. Models should be free of blemishes and have moisturized skin. Your hair should also look well-kept and neat. Modeling is all about looks, even when you are modeling for stock photos. So, take care of your appearance. Make sure to apply lotions and skincare treatments often. And, don’t come into a gig or a casting call looking sloppy.

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4. Take Care of Your Body

As a stock photo model, you don’t have to look like a fitness model. However, you do want to look lean and well put together to increase your chances of getting a job. Some casting directors might want people with a more bulky or wide frame. Usually, though, most stock photo models will look trimmed and toned. Going to the gym or doing a light workout can help increase your job opportunities. So take the time to work out a little. Your body and health are something that has to be taken seriously, regardless of the type of modeling you are engaging in. So, stay active and eat healthily!

5. Look for an Agency

You might not need an agent if you are doing stock photo modeling part-time. However, if you want to get more serious about this type of modeling, it is definitely worth looking into modeling agencies. In fact, you can actually make a livable wage once you find a reputable agency. There are not a ton of modeling agencies that specialize in stock photos. But, if you can find one to represent you, you will get more steady work. You will also get help finding jobs that you enjoy and are passionate about. Agencies help you develop your career in a more professional manner.

In today’s digital age many of us can take our careers into our own hands. Still, modeling agencies do have a place in the modeling world!

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6. Practice Acting Natural

Stock photo shoots require a small amount of acting. You don’t have to be a professional actor, but you do need to know how to set the mood. In a stock photo, models have to create a very specific scene. To create this scene, you need to have some acting abilities. If you can’t act, looking natural on camera will suffice. At casting calls, try your best to remain relaxed and composed. This will help you land a job. Once you are hired, maintain this calmness and try and transfer it into your modeling.

It can take some time to feel at ease while shooting. But if you practice at home this will help a lot.

7. Be Friendly and Open to Directions

Finally, to successfully get into stock photo modeling, you have to have a good attitude. Stock photo modeling is not like other types of modeling. You won’t have much input during your shoots or jobs. So, you need to be open to directions from directors. They want a specific look and attitude for a shoot and you need to deliver. Remember to stay professional and act friendly. Really, any type of modeling requires you to have an accommodating attitude.

Smile and react naturally on camera, this will yield the best results. Also, don’t be uptight or moody!

8. Be Willing to Work

On a final note, like any job, stock photo modeling requires hard work. So, be willing to look for jobs to advance your career. Put in time and effort into casting calls and gigs. In addition, pick your jobs carefully. Not all stock photo shoots are paid. So, think about which jobs you want to take on. It could be hard finding the jobs you want at first. But over time, you can establish yourself in stock photo modeling!

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