How to Become a Promotional Model

Promotional modeling is a rising industry. This type of modeling will not only offer more job opportunities in the future, but it is also the perfect way for you to get your foot into the modeling world. Promotional modeling is not the same as conventional modeling, though. You won’t find the exact same requirements and standards as fashion modeling and runway modeling. So, you want to know how to navigate this field in the correct way. Our post will tell you how you can become a promotional model. We will also detail the skills you need and the steps you should follow. This way you can get a job as a promotional model!

What is a Promotional Model?

As we mentioned before, promotional modeling is different from most types of modeling. This is because promotional models are more than just models. These individuals are brand representatives and ambassadors that help sell products and target consumers with their looks and marketing skills. When you are a promotional model, you will be sent to events and packed locations. You have to have good public speaking skills and be able to market products to consumers in a face-to-face setting. Promotional models talk about products and brands. But, they also need to be attractive, this helps sell even more products! The pay for this type of modeling is usually pretty good too.

In addition, tons of companies need promotional models to hand out samples of their products and talk about what their brand can offer consumers.

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Top Ways to Become a Promotional Model:

1. Create a Portfolio

The first thing you need to do as a promotional model is to create a modeling portfolio. With other types of modeling, we would suggest waiting to get professional headshots. Modeling agencies usually help create a portfolio for you. However, in the case of promotional modeling, we highly suggest creating your own portfolio with headshots and body shots. Hire a good photographer and get simple shots done. Remember that you don’t want anything over the top. Just have a photographer take natural-looking photos of you.

2. Create a Resume

You also need a resume to get a job as a promotional model. Remember that you are not merely standing in front of a camera for this type of modeling. You also have to represent companies and speak about their brand. So, anyone hiring you will want to know what kind of experience you have in marketing and other related fields. This is an extremely important part of being hired, so spend time crafting a good resume. Include your education level and any relevant work experience. A good resume combined with great headshots will do wonders for your job prospects as a promotional model!

3. Look for Promotional Modeling Agencies and Online Job Listings

Once you have all your information put together, start looking for promotional modeling agencies online. These agencies have websites that let you upload information and photos of yourself. We suggest creating an online profile on one of these agencies’ websites. This will allow you to go in for an interview with an agency of your choosing. Type in the words staffing agencies and promotional modeling agencies to find these sites. Don’t pay money for this, though. It should be free to create an online profile. If you don’t want to join an agency right away, though, try looking for online job listings. Look at what is available in your area, and go from there. Plenty of jobs should be listed.

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4. Prepare for and Attend Job Interviews

You want to prepare for your job interview thoroughly. It is easy to apply for a job in this field. However, promotional modeling has a lot more hoops for you to jump through. You want to dress professionally for your interview and get ready for interview questions ahead of time. Communication is key to your interview. So, know why you are applying to the job and be able to justify why you should be hired. Be able to list and explain your skills in marketing and communication. Ask questions and be open and fully honest in your responses, as well.

5. Brush Up on Your Communication Skills

Promotional modeling is about more than looks. You need to be able to communicate effectively and energetically. Again, as a promotional model, you are a brand ambassador. You have to tell people why a product is worth their hard-earned money. So, start brushing up on your communication skills before and after your interview. Engage in more conversations, get job experience that puts you in contact with customers, and customer service. There are plenty of ways to become a better communicator. You just have to be willing to learn.

6. Improve Your Health and Maintain Your Looks

Looks are a key point of promotional modeling. In fact, they are just as important as your marketing skills. To look your best, you want to stay healthy in mind and body. And you want to take active steps to do this. Go to the gym, eat well, and groom yourself regularly. Do not brush over these steps and take the time to look and feel your best!

7. Get Ready to Work

Finally, get ready to work and start putting yourself out there! Becoming a promotional model takes effort and time. So, keep your portfolio current and full of great shots. Take the time to network at live events and online ones, as well. Look for jobs on Indeed and other agency websites for promotional modeling. And, keep fighting to get the jobs you want! Like any modeling job, there can be fierce competition. With the right set of skills and good looks, you can get what you want out of this field, though! Try to set yourself apart. Anything can be used to your advantage from past modeling experience to the ability to speak other languages. Experience in customer service is great as well, so take on side jobs while you look for modeling gigs!

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