How to Become a Hair Model

There are all kinds of job opportunities available for potential models. You do not have to limit yourself to catwalks and conventional shoots. In fact, if you have luscious and naturally beautiful hair, you might be able to get a job in hair modeling! Hair modeling is a growing modeling field that is full of great job prospects. This type of modeling pays extremely well and can actually be a lot of fun! However, hair modeling is more competitive than you would think. So, you want to know the ins and outs of this profession before you try your hand at it. This way you can be successful as a hair model.

In this post, we will go over the steps you need to take to become a hair model. From agency requirements to ways you can prepare your hair and your looks, we will cover all the important information a potential hair model has to know. So keep reading our post!

What Do Hair Models Do?

Before we talk about what you need to do to become a hair model, let’s talk about hair modeling in general. This type of modeling is more diverse than you would think. It involves working with various industry professionals and companies. As a model specializing in hair, you will interact with photographers, salons, hair companies, makeup and hair artists, and modeling agents. You can work with a modeling agency. But, since you are only using part of your body to model, you can also go the freelance route with much more ease.

Some hair models work exclusively with salons and help promote various hairstyles and looks. Other hair models might be hired by commercial companies to promote hair products. For instance, you could become a hair model for Pantene or Dove. You might go to a shoot and help promote these companies’ various hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners.

Other times you might promote hair curlers or other hair devices as well. In some cases, hair models might even end up in TV ads and also help sell products by showing off their hair. This type of job pays the best but it is harder to get.

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What Steps Should You Take to Become a Hair Model?

So, how exactly can you start your journey as a hair model? Really, there is no perfect way to become a hair model. Each company and salon has its own standards, as well as, a diverse need for hair types. Depending on the product, or the business hiring you, the requirements will change from job to job. However, there are some baseline steps to take when you are trying to become a hair model. We will go over these steps in this section of the post!

1. Evaluate the State of Your Hair

You don’t have to be tall or super skinny to be a hair model. Really, the only requirement for hair modeling is that you have great hair. So, the first thing you want to do is to evaluate the state of your hair. Ask yourself if your hair looks good, and be honest. Furthermore, consider going to a hair salon. Hair models should look well put together and clean. Trimming your hair will make it look neater and shinier.

2. Invest in Quality Hair Care

Not only do you want to get your hair styled and cut, but you also want to invest in proper hair care products. Many people don’t think about the quality of their shampoo and conditioner. But these items are crucial for hair models. You want to buy something that will keep your hair shiny and looking amazing. In addition, it wouldn’t be bad to invest in additional hair care supplies. Leave in hair conditioners, oils to moisturize your hair, and hair spray are just a few things that could improve the look of your hair.

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3. Go With a Natural Look and Take Some Pictures

You want your hair to look natural, flowing, and long. Models with short hair won’t be disqualified from a modeling job. But casting directors will prefer someone with hair that is longer. With longer hair, it is easier to style and cut hair in more unique ways. So consider this if you want to become a professional hair model. Once you have a look you are pleased with, try to take some pictures. You don’t need to do an over the top shoot. Just get some natural-looking shots of your hair and face.

4. Practice Modeling or Go to a Modeling School

It might seem silly to practice modeling in your home. But modeling is a job that requires you to be skilled. You can do poses in the mirror with your hair styled and look up modeling tutorials. Alternatively, if you have the money, you can try and join a modeling school. Do whatever is most comfortable for you though.

5. Actively Promote Yourself

After you have your hair styled and are able to do a few modeling poses, consider creating an Instagram account. You need to promote yourself somehow, and social media is the perfect way to get agents and casting directors to notice you. You won’t be noticed right away. But you can increase your odds of being discovered when you have photos of yourself available through social media!

6. Get an Agent

Not every hair model will need an agent. But, if you are looking to do hair modeling full time, we highly recommend finding a good agent. Agencies will help you book legitimate gigs and will make your hair modeling career go much more smoothly.

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7. Get Yourself Out There

Lastly, you want to get yourself out there in the modeling world. It’s great to read articles and do research, but you also need to take action to make your dreams come true. So look for gigs in your area. And go to as many auditions as you can find. The more you expose yourself to auditions and casting directors, the more likely you are to land a hair modeling job!

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