A Step-by-Step Guide to Video Production

Video production requires careful planning and directed effort. You don’t want to create videos that won’t meet your standards or your client’s standards. So, in this post, I will talk about how you can properly produce your own videos! I will do a step-by-step guide for video production throughout this post. This way, you’ll learn exactly how to make and produce high-quality videos! Keep reading to find out how to create the best content!

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1. Make a Plan for Your Video and Create a Concept

To begin producing your video, you want to come up with a plan. Video production requires careful planning and contemplation. This is because you want to create targeted content that will resonate with your audience! To begin with, I would suggest coming up with a concept for your video. To do this, think about what your video will be about. What is the message of the video? What are you trying to accomplish with your video? More importantly, decide who your audience is and come up with something clear to convey to them. If you can’t communicate a clear message, or aim to your audience, no one will watch your videos all the way through. So decide on this early on! 

2. Do Some Research on Your Audience

Whether you are making a video for a big production company, or are simply producing an independent video, you want to make an impact with your audience! I suggest doing some research on your target audience before you write your script. This way you will have more success with your project, and you can plan your project with more ease! Really, you want to make content that is specific, relevant, and interesting to the people watching it. So, create realistic goals for yourself and your team, and plan everything around your audience and what they might want!

You want to leave room for your own creative input, of course. But if you make content that is unappealing to the people it is targeted at, you will have trouble getting people to watch your content in the future. So, definitely do some research online, look at your competitors, and see what people are saying online about content that is similar to yours. This way you have some insight into your audience and the videos they want to see! 

3. Write Your Script and Make it Easy to Read

Once you have done a little research on your audience, and know what you want to do with your video, you should begin writing your script! I suggest keeping your creative aims in mind. You want to use specific core messages and imagery to create your script. And, you want to write something that is easy to follow along with and read. This will make it easy for your cast and crew to film and shoot your video. So, try to write a script that will make filming simple and seamless. And make sure your script is very easy to read!Include things like camera angles, wardrobe, background setting, and dialogue. This way everyone knows what they are doing when they are on set! And, you can also make storyboards to help you and your crew visualize your project better!

4. Strategize and Hire Your Crew

In addition to creating a core message for your video, you also want to strategize and figure out how you will shoot your project. Before you film, decide where you will make the video and film it. Also, decide how you will distribute your content to your audience. Are you going to distribute it for free on YouTube or other social media platforms? Or are you going to use a Kickstarter platform, or another paid service to get your video out into the public domain? In addition, start thinking about when you will make the video. What is the timeline and budget for your video? How will you get funding? These are all important questions to consider.

Finally, once you have a tentative plan and timeline for your video, begin hiring your crew. You might do everything yourself and only hire a few actors. But, if you need a more robust team, figure out the cost and budget accordingly.

5. Shoot Your Video

Shooting your video is probably the most exciting part of video making. During this stage, make sure you have a shooting schedule and stay on top of your plan. Again, you want to know where you are shooting your video. You also need to know what kinds of shots you will be filming. This way you aren’t scrambling to make good content on the day of filming. Really, if you have followed all the previous steps, you should be able to make your video without issue. However, I recommend having a time-table or some kind of written plan. This way you and your crew know exactly what needs to be done and can produce your project in a timely manner!

6. Do Post-Production Editing 

After you have completed filming, you will need to do some post-production editing. In post-production, you and your editor will add sound effects and music. This is known as sound mixing. You will also combine shots you have filmed and create a cohesive video narrative. You can edit your video on your own, but I would recommend getting a professional for this part of video production. Bad editing and sound mixing can make or break your video!

7. Distribute and Promote Your Video

Finally, after your video has been mastered and edited, you can begin distributing it. You should have come up with a distribution plan beforehand. But, you can also do some marketing work to get your video more views! Go on social media and create an account. You can talk about your project and share stills and clips. Also, you can buy ads online and even get Google Ads that target your audience. You want as many eyes on your video as possible. So, don’t skip out on marketing! This is another important aspect of video production!

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