A Complete Guide on How to Invest in Movies and TV Shows

As an investor or as a regular who just wants to capitalize on the power of investments, there is nothing more appealing than investing in movies or TV shows. The TV industry has literally skyrocketed in the last decade, reaching over $100 billion. Movies like Captain America, The Avengers, The Hobbit or even TV shows like Game of Thrones are making hundreds of millions as you’re reading this. The potential to make money in this niche is huge. So how do you start? How do you find the best TV investment opportunities for you? What are the biggest networks to invest in? Keep reading to find your answers to all of the above questions.

How Does it Work

Investing in movies and TV shows is pretty simple and straightforward. Producers usually seek for investment from everyone willing to aid so that the movie can launch. You can find investment opportunities on sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Ulule or Rockethub. You can also tell your network that you are willing to invest in a movie, and they will spread the word out to producers. You can also connect with producers on Twitter and discover first-hand all the investment opportunities available. Ultimately, you can go directly to the 4 biggest television networks available on the market: CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. They are part of bigger networks, such as Disney and Comcast. That’s where the real money is.

4 Biggest Television Networks for Investors  ProductionBest.com

Where Do the Profits of These Companies Come From 

Companies make billions with movies and TV shows. While premium channels like HBO Go, Amazon Prime or Netflix make profits out of DVD sales and subscriptions, media conglomerates make huge profits out of contracts with numerous media tycoons, cinemas all across the globe, marketing brands and other contracts. These companies also make a lot of money on TV ads. Just one minute of ad can make them millions. According to Variety.com, CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX make a combined $10 billions in sales a year. They make various amounts of money per ad, depending on how famous a show or movie is. For example, an average price of ad for NBC’s Sunday Night Football has gone up to $600k last year. For American Idol, the same ad can cost $400k.

Buying Media Stocks

While you can make tons of money by investing in movies and TV shows that are just launching and need financial aid, you can make even more by buying media stocks on well-established corporations. As an investor, you should evaluate the performance of the key players in this industry, namely CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. The key to become successful as an investor is to buy the best of breed. You could aim to buy stocks at other companies, but we strongly recommend you to go with CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX in 2025. These companies are on an ascendant curve and have proven time and time again that they have got what needed to succeed on the market.

Understanding the Elements That Drive the Share Prices

To make the most out of your investment, it is crucial to understand the key elements that drive share prices. For once, you need to look into content. Exciting, high-quality content is the main driver of share prices. Invest in those companies and TV shows that are continually adding new content to the table and are keeping their customers hooked at all times. Second, you need to look at high tech. New, improved digital technology is a powerful driver of share prices. Companies that are using the advancements of technology in their favor are the ones you should target. Next, you need to look at acquisitions and mergers. In the movie & media industry, size does matter. Keep an eye on new merging opportunities and invest in companies that are willing to step out of the boat and take a leap of faith by investing in joint ventures.

Lastly, to boost your revenue when investing in the TV industry, you want to look at the regulations part of each company. Entertainment companies are affected by tight regulations or ownership restrictions.


Keep your eyes open for new investment opportunities in movies and TV shows and do not forget to prioritize the 4 big players: CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. That’s where the real cash flow is.