5 Ways to Help Actors and Models Find Affordable Apartments

Hunting for an affordable apartment can be time-consuming and challenging. We all yearn to live in a nice place with a variety of amenities. However, as a model or actor, you often are apartment hunting on a limited-budget. Often, this process is even more challenging for actors and models since these careers can come with periods of unemployment. Having a flexible survival job can help minimize concerns of having enough rent money each month. That said, another strategy is to look for places that fit a modest budget. To do that, you may need to make some trade-offs and clearly define what you need versus what you want.

5 Tips to Find an Affordable Apartment:

1. Find a Roommate

To save money, find one or more roommates. If you check apartment listings, you’ll often see that there is only a small difference in rent between a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom apartment. So even though technically the monthly rent of a two-bedroom apartment is more, when you split the cost between two people, it usually becomes less than a one-bedroom apartment. This is an easy way to save money. Additionally, when you have a roommate, you typically will be splitting the cost of utilities, which can also save you money. If you decide to find a roommate or two, you may want to be selective. You want your home to be a place where you can relax, work, and recharge. Take the time to find a roommate that is compatible with your personality, quirks, and schedule, so everyone is happy.

2. Look for Deals

While most people don’t think about hunting for deals when looking for affordable housing, there are deals to be found. For instance, if an apartment building is new, see what promotions or discounts they are offering. They need to fill the building quickly, so many offer deals. Some new apartments might offer limited-time discounted rates or the first month free. Others may offer deals on the cost of parking spaces or other amenities. When checking out deals, be sure to read the fine print. Sometimes to receive the deal, you have to commit to a specific rental time-frame, or there may be other restrictions. Make sure you know what is requested of you to receive the discount. 

Another strategy is to look for an apartment during non-peak periods if you are able. For instance, if you’re looking in an area that has a local college, look for apartments after a semester has started or right before summer. Apartment complexes have a harder time finding tenants during those times, and they may be more willing to negotiate.

3. Be Honest About What Amenities You Need Versus What You Want

Who wouldn’t love an apartment that has every amenity you desire. But those types of apartments come with a premium price tag that many actors and models can’t afford. To have affordable housing, you likely will have to make trade-offs on what perks come with the apartment. To help, make a list of your must-have items. These are things you can’t live without. When you have your list of must-haves, you’ll be more prepared to find the right apartment for you. But what if you can’t find a place that has everything you must-have? This can happen for models and actors that are trying to find affordable housing in a big city. You may need to think creatively about your list. 

If having a laundry room is on your must-have, consider expanding your search to include apartments that have a laundromat within walking distance. Yes, it’s more inconvenient, but if it allows you to afford a place to live, you might need to make the sacrifice until you have a larger budget.

4. Be Flexible About a Unit’s Location in the Apartment Building or Complex

Many renters want the best locations in the apartment building or complex. That usually means apartments on the top or bottom floors come with a higher price tag. But if you’re trying to save, consider taking an apartment in the middle of the building. Yes, you may not have the views you’d love or the ease of access if you’re on the bottom floor. But, your monthly rent will be cheaper and easier to afford.

5. When You Find a Reasonable Price, Don’t Wait Too Long to Sign the Paperwork

When apartment shopping, be ready to make choices quickly. Sometimes a price on an apartment unit can change within a day or two so you don’t want to end up paying more just because you waited too long. That said, make sure you find an affordable apartment that fits your needs. You don’t want to be miserable throughout your entire lease. Knowing what you need and understanding the rental market in your area will make it easier to find an affordable place that fits you.