5 Skills That Can Help You Land an Acting Job

Having a variety of skills can help you land an acting job. It’s vital to include any special skills you have on your resume. However, not every actor can excel (or possess) every skill. If you include a skill, make sure it’s something you can do with proficiency. Don’t put down that you’re an expert horse rider if you’ve only ridden a horse once! But what are the top skills for actors?

Here are some skills that can help you land particular roles.

1. Stand-Up Comedy

Do you love to make others laugh? If you have a natural tendency to find the humor in situations and can deliver jokes effectively, developing your comedic skills could help you land work. Being a stand-up comedian is hard but rewarding work. You’ll need to have excellent comedic timing and translate your observations of the world into a humorous light. Finding your comedic voice involves a lot of practice and trial and error, but the effort is worth it when you see the audience roar with laughter.

If comedy comes easily to you, and especially if you’ve performed at improv shows or stand-up comedy nights, be sure to include this one on your resume!

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2. Sports

If you excel at or have extensive knowledge of a sport, include this under your skills. While this may not help with every job, it can give you an edge in some circumstances. Additionally, you can seek out roles that require the skills or sports knowledge that you possess.

Be sure to keep active in the sport or sports of your choice, so it shows that you are skilled. If you were on a team in high school or college or won competitions and awards, you can include those briefly as well.

3. Singing

The ability to confidently hold a tune can open a lot of acting doors, especially if you want to perform in musicals. If you received specialized training or won competitions, include that on your resume. But what if you’re uncomfortable singing? Singing is a skill you may want to work on since it can enable you to audition for more roles. 

You don’t have to be an expert. You can develop your voice and increase your confidence with the help of a voice instructor. Be sure to research instructors to find the one who fits your needs.

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4. Dancing

If you want to perform in musicals or on Broadway, being a skilled dancer is a must. If you’ve received training, won competitions, or gone to dancing schools, include this on your resume. If you’re more of a bobbing-to-the-beat kind of person, you may want to consider taking some basic dancing classes.

Like singing, being able to dance confidently can allow you to audition for more jobs. You don’t have to be an expert. Focus on learning the basics of a few styles. Knowing some dance styles will help you learn a particular dance for a job faster.

5. Languages and Accents

Speaking more than one language fluently is a critical skill for an actor. Learning how to speak other languages can help you expand yourself as an actor and provide you with more job opportunities. Also, don’t overlook learning sign language.

Mastering different accents can also open new job opportunities. This skill takes time and practice but is worth the effort. You can work with a dialect coach to get you on the right track.

Be You

Remember, you can’t expect yourself to master every skill. Pick ones that you naturally enjoy or that are commonly helpful for the types of roles you play. If you often audition for action roles, make sure you’re fit. Gain proficiency at using different kinds of weapons. Consider learning a type of martial arts.

If you prefer characters who are funny, take improv classes and perfect your comedic delivery. The more you genuinely love what you do, the more natural and authentic you will be.

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