4 of the Best Cities for Film and TV Production Crews

When you work in the film and TV industry, you often need to travel as a part of your job. However, several production hubs are forming in some major cities across the United States, which may allow you to find work where you live. Living in one of these cities with a booming production industry also will help you build your network. Here are four cities, in no particular order, that are great choices for film and TV production crews to live.

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1. New York City

New York City is known as a hub for TV shows, commercials, and movies. There are a variety of opportunities for work on high-quality production crews. An advantage of New York City is the plethora of networking opportunities and educational resources to help you learn and advance your career. The city also serves as a wonderful backdrop for many TV shows, movies, and commercials, making it a well sought out place to film. New York City is aptly nicknamed as the city that never sleeps due to its variety of cultural opportunities, restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and nightlife. You’ll never be bored. While it can be a fun city to live in, some areas can be expensive. If you’re just starting out or on a budget, you may need to live a little outside the downtown area and commute. But, the city’s public transportation makes it easy to get from place to place.

Overall, this city can be an exciting place to live and work and provide opportunities to build your network.

2. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a well-known hub for the film and TV industry. There are a plethora of production companies, chances to network, and educational opportunities. It’s one of the main places people in the United States move to when trying to break into the film and TV industry. However, there’s also a lot of competition for work, which can sometimes make it challenging when you’re first starting out. That said, if you’re willing to work your way up by taking entry-level jobs to build your portfolio and network, there will be lots of TV shows and films being made that can help you land that first role. But, Los Angeles can be an expensive place to live.

That said, if you enjoy the pace of big city life, Los Angeles can be a great place to be. There are a variety of amenities, restaurants, nightlife, and cultural opportunities, making it a fun place to live and work.

4 of the Best Cities for Film and TV Production Crews  ProductionBest.com

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3. Atlanta

Georgia is developing a reputation as the Hollywood of the South, and for a good reason. Since 2008, Georgia has enacted generous tax incentives to entice film productions to work in the area. These incentives likely helped lead to the opening of the Pinewood Atlanta Studios in 2013. Since then, this large studio has produced several major film productions, including at least two Avengers movies, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and more. This studio alone helps employ a large number of production jobs. But it’s not the only production opportunity in town. Atlanta, specifically, is becoming a significant location for the entertainment business and can be a great choice for individuals looking for film or TV production jobs. A bonus of this booming entertainment market is that it is attracting many creative types of individuals in a variety of industries leading to a creative cultural environment. Another advantage of living here as opposed to New York City or Los Angeles is the lower cost of living, which makes it easier to earn a livable income.

That said, the city does afford a wide variety of entertainment and cultural opportunities, which can make it a fun place to live and visit. This thriving city is not lacking in amenities, whether you are single, married, or have children. Lastly, given this focus on attracting film and TV production studios and jobs, many local colleges have courses and curriculum focused on building skills in the film and TV industry.

4. Albuquerque

Albuquerque has rapidly become a significant force in the film and TV production industry. In the last three years, it has attracted over 50 major productions, including the attention of companies like Netflix. Albuquerque’s future as a major film and TV production city is even brighter with the news that Netflix is planning to purchase ABQ Studios in Albuquerque. Netflix intends to use the studio to produce many of its films and series. This will likely increase the local economy and film and TV industry opportunities making this a great place to live and work. Additionally, Albuquerque has a variety of amenities available, including easy access to grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. Albuquerque is also close to Santa Fe, which has a thriving art and cultural scene.

New Mexico, in general, is known for its pleasant weather and beautiful outdoor locations. Given the increase in production studio jobs, there are also networking opportunities.

Living Where You Work Can Help You Network and Travel Less

If you work as a part of a production crew, there will be times you’ll need to travel for your job. However, if you live in or within an easy commute of a city with a strong film and TV production industry, you may be able to travel less while still finding ample job opportunities.

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