10 Types of Modeling

If you are just getting into modeling, you want to gather as much information as you possibly can. Many people mistakenly think that modeling is all about high-fashion and runways. But, this is just not the case. In fact, there are a variety of model jobs and niches you can get involved with. Really, there are tons of modeling jobs you can look into as an aspiring model. You want to choose modeling gigs that suit your interests and talents, though. So, in this post, we have compiled a shortlist of the most popular types of modeling. We’ll briefly go over each modeling type. This way you can get an idea of what types of modeling you are suited to!

Top 10 Types of Modeling:

1. Freelance Modeling

Freelance modeling is a growing modeling field. With the rise of social media, more models can represent themselves and establish their careers on their own. Freelance models come in all shapes and sizes and can take on any number of modeling jobs. From product promotion to fashion shoots freelance models have a lot of flexibility. They can create their own unique presence online!

2. Plus Size Modeling

If you are on the heavier side and want to get into modeling, plus size modeling is a great option. Heavier models used to be rare in the modeling world. But with opportunities opening up for people of all shapes and looks, this is not the case anymore. Plus size modeling has a firm foothold in the modeling industry. As a plus size model, you could show up in advertisement campaigns, magazine ads, or even work with fashion designers!

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3. Fitness Modeling

If you are into working out and have a toned body, fitness modeling could be the perfect fit for you. Fitness models usually promote athletic wear and other sporty clothes. So, you have to have a certain look to get a job in this field. In addition, fitness models can also be hired to appear in commercials. Fitness models in commercials look attractive and must be in peak physical form. Fitness models could also be asked to perform athletic moves for advertisements. So be prepared for this during shoots!

4. Hair Modeling

Hair models show off their healthy locks in commercials, ads, and campaigns. As a hair model, you can be hired by a major company or your local salon. Hair modeling is classified as parts modeling. But, you will still need to have an attractive face for serious hair modeling jobs. For larger campaigns especially, you will need to have a pleasing face along with beautiful luscious hair.

5. Swimwear Modeling

Swimwear models help promote swimwear in magazines, commercials, and promotional campaigns. In some cases, a swimwear model might appear in magazines like Sports Illustrated or work exclusively for companies like Victoria’s Secret. Swimwear models have curvy and fit bodies that can help to fully showcase swimwear and even lingerie. Not everyone will be comfortable with this type of modeling. However, if you don’t mind showing off a little skin, definitely try out swimwear modeling.

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6. Catalog Modeling

As a catalog model, you will pose for companies and help promote their products. You will showcase clothing and other consumer products. These pictures will then be published in a catalog. Catalog modeling is less strict and offers models of all ages and sizes a chance to model. However, you still have to be attractive to get a job as a catalog model. Catalog modeling does not have the same standards as fashion houses. But, you do have to have a symmetrical looking face and a nice body to model for a catalog.

7. Fashion Modeling

Fashion modeling is what you typically expect when you hear the word modeling. Fashion models are tall, skinny, young, and stunning to look at. These types of models promote the latest trends in clothes and appear in high fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle. You likely know the names of a few fashion models. Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Kate Moss are some of the top fashion models at the moment. As a fashion model, you are more likely to gain fame and riches. You will also be able to work with top designers. Still, it is not easy to get into fashion modeling. This is one of the hardest modeling types to break into successfully.

8. Promotional Modeling

Promotional modeling is a little more complicated than your typical modeling job. Not only do you have to look attractive, but you need to have superb communication and marketing skills. Promotional models represent companies and businesses and actively promote products. You have to have a good personality and must be good at speaking to get into this type of modeling. This does not mean that you should not go into promotional modeling. Just realize that there is a lot of preparation and skills needed for this job. The interview process can also be quite lengthy.

9. Hand Modeling

Hand modeling is another type of popular parts modeling. Most hand models won’t have to show their face or body when they are hired to hand model. This can be ideal if you don’t have a classically beautiful face. Still, know that you have to have nice hands to get hired as a hand model. Hand models have great nail beds and aesthetically pleasing hands.

10. Fit Model

The final modeling type we will talk about is fit modeling. Fit models don’t appear in advertisements or fashion editorials. This is a more behind the scenes type of modeling job. As a fit model, you will be asked to try on clothes. Fashion houses and companies need to know if their clothes will fit. So, they hire fit models to test out their clothes. This way they can get the sizes just right before the clothes are manufactured. Because of this, people of almost any shape and size can be hired for this job. Businesses need a diverse range of models to try on their clothes.

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