10 Reasons Why it Rocks to Be a Screenwriter

Screenwriting has its ups and downs like any other type of career. However, if you can make it into the screenwriting industry, there are many reasons why this profession is so rewarding and amazing. Not only do screenwriters create our favorite fictional worlds. They also inspire us to be better and imagine a brighter tomorrow! As a prospective screenwriter, though, you might have doubts about this profession.

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So, in this post, I’ll be talking about 10 reasons why it rocks to be a screenwriter! Screenwriting can be hard, but you want to understand why screenwriters are so awesome. This way you can motivate yourself and reach your dreams!

Top 10 Reasons Why it Rocks to Be a Screenwriter:

1. Not Many People are Screenwriters

Making it as a screenwriter is a big deal. Not only do you get to work on TV shows and movies, but you also become one of the few people who can monetize their writing. Anyone can write their own screenplay or novel. But, very few people get to work at a job that lets them pursue their creative passions. Really, as a screenwriter, you are a part of a small but special segment of the population. It’s tough making it as a screenwriter.

Sometimes you might not be able to write well or even write at all. But, you want to remember that you are lucky to be a screenwriter. Not only do you get to write for a living but you get to follow your dreams! This fact alone makes being a screenwriter amazing!

2. Your Imagination Can Run Wild

If you are a creative type who daydreams a lot, screenwriting can be a fantastic job. Of course, you have to meet deadlines and write your script on time. However, as a screenwriter, you can let your imagination run wild. In truth, screenwriting is a powerful outlet for creativity. As a screenwriter, you get to express personal emotions, thoughts, and ideas. Few jobs let you do this as a profession. 

3. You Can Make a Lot of Money if You are Successful

A lot of people go into screenwriting because they are passionate about writing and creating fictional worlds. Still, this does not mean that you can’t aim to make money. In fact, screenwriters can make good money if they create successful scripts for production studios. The Writing Guild of America helps represent screenwriters across the country. On average, members of the WGA make around 62,000 dollars each year.

You also get benefits like dental and health insurance. And, you can make even more money than this. Some screenwriters make millions of dollars for their screenplays!

4. You Can Work From Home

Another benefit of screenwriting is flexibility. You might have to work long nights figuring out how the plot of your script will progress. Luckily, though, you don’t have to drive to work. You can write right from the comfort of your own home. Many people dream about being able to work in their PJs. And, as a screenwriter, you get to do this. Alternatively, you can also hit up your favorite cafe and write with a nice steaming cup of fresh coffee!

5. You Work With Creative People From All Over the World

In addition to working from home, you can work with people from all over the world. Screenplays can be submitted to companies and studios. And, they are usually sent over email or other secure methods. So, you don’t have to live in one location to be a screenwriter. In addition, screenwriter meetings can happen on Skype or Zoom from any place!

6. You Might Get to Travel the World

This is not a guarantee for all screenwriters. However, if you work on a successful movie that is screened at many film festivals, or is being screened around the world, you could be invited to go to movie premieres abroad. And, if you make it big enough as a screenwriter, you might get invites to other movies and movie festivals on projects you aren’t working on. 

7. Your Work Hours are More Flexible

As a screenwriter, you choose when to work. If you work on a show or are following a production schedule, you might have less flexibility. You need to meet your deadlines after all. However, you can set up your workday for yourself. You don’t have a boss or a manager telling you what hours of the day you need to work!

8. You Have Fewer Regrets in Life 

There is no guarantee that you will become a successful screenwriter or that you will get to work on your dream project. However, being able to write scripts for movies and TV shows is a big accomplishment. As I mentioned before, not many people get to write for a living. So, at the very least, screenwriters can pursue their dreams, and say that they tried. And this can be a big reward. As many people never take any steps towards their goals.

As a screenwriter, though, you will feel less regret because you tried to pursue your dreams!

9. You Inspire People From All Walks of Life

Screenwriters do more than just create fictional characters and worlds for us. In fact, screenwriters have a real-life impact on people all over the world. Scripts for TV shows and movies help create the media we all love. Making movies or TV shows might not seem life-changing at first glance. But when you think about all the lives movies and TV shows have touched, you can see just how amazing screenwriters are.

Movies and TV shows can change the way we view the world around us. In some cases, this media can even challenge us and inspire us to follow our dreams.

10. Screenwriters Comfort People

Finally, screenwriters are amazing because they help us at our lowest points. Screenwriters have the power to comfort us in hard times. So, at the end of the day, screenwriters are important. They make art that can change our lives. They also help us get through difficult parts of life.

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